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VIDEOVARIETES_Liquid ashes (Abstract of thesis)



Liquid ashes


The liquid ashes rise like fire and fall like water in a cyclic movement.

How can these actions be performed in my own space of « vide & eau » (video) in which everything transforms itself in order to become something else ?

The « vide & eau » (video) would be identical in “form” but would become respectively “other” in our metamorphosis game of « VIDEOVARIETES ».

Everything flows and follows on, in a cyclic transformation between ebb and flow according to a desire, a natural act that remains our one and only guide.

This research-creation tries to explore the potential of shape variations in video (vide & eau) and this is why I draw the liquid ashes between fluidity and viscosity, according to the principle of “painting the water inside the water”, like the old Far East painters used to do, a method that was borrowed from the “Chi” theory (氣, energy).

The body, as is used in Japanese butô, and Chinese calligraphy are two important elements that we shall approach in connection to our emptiness and waters using several screen versions during our improvisation performance. My creation « VIDEOVARIETES » stems from a meeting of artists of different backgrounds and of hybrid techniques and fields, traditional and contemporary.

This cyclic video (vide & eau) play of tracing and deleting, in either digital or analogue format, takes a biographical dimension and asks questions about improvisation and metamorphosis, both acting forces in Chinese calligraphy art and in Japanese butô. Basing myself on the double meaning of these two scripts i.e. plastic and semantic, I wish to consider the question of “seeing” and “reading” or the question of being “seen” and  “read”. In such a way, I shall also take up programming language, interactivity, Internet and video game together with the development of interactive media fields. The need for and the meaning of my approach, concerning both performance arts and the plastic arts, will also be mentioned.


Key words

Body, Becoming, Improvisation, Slow, Variation, Metamorphosis, Video morphology, Play, (Vide-eau)Video-Calligraphy, Childhood, Analogue, Digital, Rén (仁), Tao (道), Qi (氣), Fluidity, Viscosity, Water, Fire, Movement, Emptiness, Cycle, Writing, Desire, Sign, Rhizome, Interactivity, Programming, Heterophony …

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