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Nuit Blanche  Video installation in an empty, ruined house, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, S.Korea, 2012


Like the tides of the Western Shore that are spread along the Big Hilly Island of Daebu. Diverse manifestations of life are drawn out by the power of the moon. This same quiet moonlight in “Childhood” and “Video Caligraphy”, is projected onto the walls of empty, ruined houses, that ceaselessly accumulates in the sea of futility or the cast universe, repeating the cycle of birth, growth, and annihilation.


Illusions forgotten amidst layers of memories disappear into melancholy fairy tales.


Forms that constantly arise from the fading evening light - “Moon,” “Fish,” “Flower,” “Sun,” “Horse,” “Child” and “Texts”- are reborn and then again destroyed in front of our eyes. They portray secrets of our inner lives with their mythical touches that  spread out on the fantastic surface of dim moonlight. (Artist’s note)

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