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Les fleurs s’épanouissent en pleurs... (Mixed-media theater), KEPCO ART CENTER, Seoul, 2012

Conception & Direction  Eun Young Park |Cast  Seung-a Seo (Butoh), Mamajung Kim (contemporary dancer), Jae Hwan Joo (artist)

Lighting Design  Chul Hee Kim |Costume  YEDO -Jaeyoung Yang |Camera  Sin Sung Yoo, Yoona Seo

Sound  Taca (Accordeon), Riko Goto(Piano)                                                                         

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A strange visitor from a distant past

Overlapped time

A flower more beautiful than in reality

A dreaming doll

Figures of death that are deformed in remote time as if walking in an unknown dream

The fateful agony of life and death bestowed upon man

Oscillating between the fine line of light and shadow. (Artist’s note)

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