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Être /Avoir_series video, 2011 

Visual Design for Being Involved performed by CDP(Coll Dance Project), Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, S.Korea, 2011


Être /Avoir #2 Single channel video, 1min, 2011 


The bondage of gesture that old memory desires moves further away, intensely and faintly. Ripples of memory and oblivion dance with the shadow that hovers the surface of the world. Pieces of language that have lost meaning shatter in an empty echo toward the end of darkness on the other side of the mirror. The pendulum of a woman who circles the time of silence disappears into the lost time while dreaming of the material that was in the beginning, the sea. Exquisite, endlessly falling smoke paints the journey of dance without ever stopping its swirling. The time of night is always a ruin in a state of transition. Forgotten into the blue ruin where beauty went by. Dark bluish light breaks. The dawn chair casts over the shadoows as it revolves around a day and becomes the shadow of time yet again. (Artist’s note)

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