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Liquid Ashes_Performance, 2009

Performance(solo)  Won Kim |Music(CD)  Lena Circus, Taca |Lighting Design  Chul Hee Kim |Costume Design  YEDO

Video, Installation  Eun Young Park


Withered dying plant, from a wolf to a child, anonymous beings, shadow of death…

Fragile beings that only barely exist…


Dreams are always reborn and then become extinct. Images that disappear into illusionary shadows emulate the waves of a delicate voyage that hangs between light and shadow and desire la poésie of a faintly recurring genesis. When the fire rises and the water recedes, stirring up an infinite anticipation, the twilight of desire imagines a dream of regeneration within repeating illusions. Lost somewhere amongst nostalgia and the phosphorescence of illusion, our thoughts combine with the imperceptible movements of drifting desires and laboriously, by the unyielding power of life, continue to remind one another of their existence. The video images become extinct in space, tangled within the time of the performance and seep and regenerate into multiple and differing dimensions. The background, as brought to mind by “liquid ashes,” reveals the poetic silent mantra and a faintly fading, delicate intensity within the shadows of a muted light. (Artist’s note)

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