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La chambre rouge_series Single channel video, 2002-2006

-La chambre rouge I, Single channel video, 6min, (Musique: Lena Circus), 2004

-La chambre rouge II, Single channel video, 3min 3sec, (Musique: Lena Circus), 2005

-La chambre rouge III, Single channel video, 6min, (Musique: Lena Circus), 2006 


In a space in which a chair and a table are situated, the waiting begins. There, the empty writing into oblivion starts. The rain of words, written with a Korean alphabet, falls by intermittently-whether it be quick or slow- on a background that is covered with a calligraphic landscape superimposed on Chinese letters. I then start a cyclic game of writing and erasing while "scribbling" on the black space of memory.

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